Mihail Ksenofontov

Artificial intelligence, development, financial management, backtesting, and investing.

Hi! I’m Mihail Ksenofontov, and I’ve been a professional finance analyst for over 15 years.


I set aside time to research, evaluate, and improve trading methods.


I study and use cutting-edge analytic techniques during my free time.


I take full responsibility for my work and I am well aware of the hazards!


Principal Directions


Market patterns and backtesting.

Test your plan across the largest markets, with over 20 years of history and over 100,000 symbols.

Case: Algorithmic Trading System.
The task:

Creating an effective algorithmic trading system for the financial market.

  1. Market Analysis: Study current trends and identify potentially profitable strategies.
  2. Algorithm Development: Programming an algorithm using Python to analyze data and make trading decisions.
  3. Backtesting: Testing an algorithm on historical data to assess its effectiveness.
  4. Optimization: Thinly adjust the algorithm settings to improve its performance.
  • Performance: Demonstration of high returns and risk management.
  • Adaptability: The algorithm successfully adapts to changes in the market.
  • Programming languages (Python).
  • Data (SQL, API)
Case: Development of Trading Indicators and Advisors
The task:

Creating a set of indicators and automated trading advisors for any markets.

  1. Requirements Analysis: Identifying key factors and metrics that are important to traders.
  2. Indicators Development: Programming indicators that analyze market trends and signal trading opportunities.
  3. Creating Advisors: Developing algorithms for automated trading based on specified criteria and indicators.
  4. Testing and Optimization: Testing the effectiveness of indicators and advisors on historical data.
  • Set of Indicators: Reliable tools for market analysis.
  • Automated Advisors: Solutions for Effective Trading.
  • Platforms for algorithmic trading, programming in languages supported by trading platforms.


Quantitative analysis

In contemporary finance, quantitative analysis is essential for the creation of risk management models, algorithmic trading, and investment opportunity evaluation.

Case: Analysis of Performance of Stock Portfolios
The task:

Research and comparison of performance of different stock portfolios.

  1. Analysis: The process of choosing a range of investment portfolios for analysis involves making this identification.
  2. Testing Methodology: Establish time frames, criteria and indicators for analysis (e.g. total yield, volatility, beta-coefficient).
  3. Data Collection and Processing: Using historical market data to analyze each portfolio.
  4. Reporting: Preparing a detailed report with key performance indicators for each portfolio.
  • Report: Includes graphs, tables and analytical conclusions showing the performance of each portfolio.
  • Key Indicators: Comparative analysis of profitability, risk and other important metrics.
  • Statistical analysis, software for data visualization (Excel, BI).

artificial intelligence

AI: Tools for Commercial Success

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which greatly improve efficiency and accuracy in financial market analysis, are the foundation of my work.

Case: Development of a Financial Risk Forecasting System
The task:

Creation of an artificial intelligence system for forecasting and managing financial risks in an investment portfolio.

  1. Data collection: Aggregation and analysis of historical financial data.
  2. Developing an AI model: Using machine learning algorithms to analyze data and identify patterns.
  3. Model Validation: Testing a model on different data sets to verify its reliability.
  4. Integration: Implementation of the system in the portfolio management process to optimize solutions.
  • Reduction of Risk: Significant reduction of financial risks in the managed portfolio.
  • Improved Productivity: Increased profitability through more accurate forecasting of market changes.
  • Programming languages (Python).
  • Machine learning libraries (TensorFlow).
  • Data (API, SQL)


Setting Up a Server

I build data servers with quotation data from all markets. Daily automation and updates.

Case: Financial Data Server
The task:

Create a server to collect, store and provide real-time financial data.

  1. Architecture Planning: Defining data structure, resources requirements and security requirements.
  2. Data Sources Integration: Connecting to API of exchange platforms and other financial sources to collect data.
  3. Database Development: Create a database for storing and processing information.
  4. Server Implementation: Configure the server infrastructure to ensure fast access and reliability of data.
  • Functional Server: Quick and reliable access to up-to-date financial data.
  • Server programming, databases, API integration.

And much more based not only on financial markets.


Just one, TRUST



The way I work !

  • Consultation.
  • Understanding your requirements and goals.
  • Creating a test, demonstration solution for your project.

For non-standard solutions or large complex projects, payment for technologies to solve tasks may be required.



The way I work !

  • Detailed discussion and agreement on project costs, and timelines.
  • Comprehensive discussion and agreement on project details.
  • Design of the project.
  • Providing a fully functional solution for your project.
  • Taking into account your suggestions for any required changes and enhancements.
  • Going through several rounds of modifications before receiving final approval.
  • Receiving full funding and transferring the project.

You may add or modify it whenever you want after the project is finished. I’m constantly in contact!

Contact me

I appreciate you being interested in my services. Please contact me by any method that is convenient for you so that we may go over the specifics of your order.

I’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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I have worked with Mihail in SEB Riga Operation Center (currently SEB Global Services). Mihail has an extensive knowledge of different financial instruments and respective operations procedures, fast learner, easy to communicate, quickly adopted into the team. Was able to work in a team and deliver on individual tasks in a timely manner. Highly recommend Mihail K.

Anna Zilina

Senior Risk Analyst


I am pleased to recommend Mihail as an IT expert in finances. Having worked closely with Mikhail and I can attest to his exceptional technical proficiency and expertise in financial systems.
Mikhail has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of financial software, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity. His contributions to critical projects, have showcased his ability to navigate the intricacies of financial technology with precision…

Deniss Safrans

IT PM and SM


We worked with Mihail in Risk Management and Technical Support Team of Dukascopy bank S.A. During our co-operation Mihail demonstrated deep knowledge of our products, personal reliability as colleague and willingness to assist clients by best possible way. During couple of really critical cases when we needed to react swiftly and preciously Mihail’s input was really valuable and inspiring. In general, I can recommend Mihail as kind, polite and reliable person eager to permanently develop his personal and professional skills.

Aleksander Pishvanov

Java developer


I had the privilege of working with Michael at Dukascopy, where he stood out as an exceptionally reliable and honest colleague. His dedication to excellence and transparency greatly contributed to our team’s success, making him an invaluable asset. Michael combines analytical prowess with a genuine concern for his colleagues, fostering both professional growth and a positive work environment. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any role, confident in his ability to bring about significant positive impact. Michael’s professionalism and integrity are truly commendable.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete a project with you?

It varies depending on how complex and unique the project is. My aim is to do high-quality work within a reasonable time. Specific timelines are discussed individually for each project considering its specific needs and requirements.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept various payment methods like credit cards, online wallets, bank transfers, etc.

Can you show examples of your work?

I am unable to provide examples because the majority of clients would rather not reveal project information. Under each Case, you may view my efforts. Get in touch with me and I’ll share your portfolio if you require something different.

What financial markets or instruments do you work with?

I work with all financial markets and instruments.

How is the project cost determined?

Primarily based on the amount of data and the project’s complexity. For example, the cost of testing a strategy on a daily timeframe might be significantly less than testing it on a 15-min. timeframe.

What information do I need to start working with you?

You should have a clear idea of what you want at the end of the project. Detailed descriptions of your strategy, indicators, investment portfolios, etc., can speed up the development process.

What programming languages or technologies do you use?

The choice of programming language and technologies depends on the project’s specifics. Typically, I use Python and SQL for about 90% of projects, along with HTML and CSS for visualization.

How do you provide back-tests reports ?

Mostly, I use free solutions. If needed, I can provide results in Power Bi, Tableau, and similar tools.

What do you use to create servers?

I usually recommend a combination of Linux, Python, PostgreSQL, and Telegram for about 99% of cases. However, the choice ultimately depends on the client’s preferences.

Do you accept orders through freelance websites?

Indeed, without a doubt. I’ll get in touch with you if you provide me a link to your work description.


If your project interests me more than others, perhaps we could develop it together absolutely FREE of charge.

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